Posted on October 07, 2019 by The Travel Authority
Travel Talk Traverse City: October 2, 2019

Our guest is Sherwin Banda, President of African Travel.  For over 40 years, African Travel, Inc. has crafted extraordinary, handcrafted, luxury safari experiences ensuring immersive and authentic cultural encounters across the continent. Travel is an incredible gift, and with this gift comes a responsibility- to protect the world as we know it.  At African Travel and TreadRight, the mission is clear to make Travel Matter,  by having  a positive impact on the people and communities they visit, to help protect wild and marine life, and to care for the planet we all call home.  Find out what’s new and exciting for 2020 and how does African Travel match the right Africa with the right client. 

Click here to listen to this week's podcast. Travel Talk- October 2, 2019 

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