by, Jan Ross
Today was the sad day we had been dreading – the one that came so fast, we couldn’t believe it. How could a week possibly go by so fast? This was the day we had to leave our wonderful MS AmaLegro behind. It was an option to add three days in Paris onto our cruise and most of the passengers seemed to take advantage of this opportunity. We docked early in Trier, Germany and had our luggage in the hall by 7:30 in the morning. So much easier than the night before required by the big ocean cruises!

We had our last lovely breakfast, then watched our luggage boarded on the motor coach and loaded ourselves as well for the bus ride to Luxemburg, then on to Paris. We stopped in Luxemburg, Luxemburg for a short visit and walking tour and were impressed with the beauty of this fascinating city, built on two levels.

A huge cliff didn’t keep these builders from building their city!

Ancient city wall.

Another view of the city, the cliff and the ancient city wall.

We visited another gorgeous church.

And saw the the archduke’s beautiful palace.

The coat of arms of the archduke of Luxemburg.

Soon, it was time to board our comfortable motor coach and head for Paris, which was still about 3 hours away. In just a short while, it was time for a lunch break so we proceeded to stop and have lunch in the MOST incredible restaurant I have ever experienced. Actually, it was also the cleverest restaurant I have ever seen and I don’t know why they don’t do this in the United States. The restaurant spanned the highway, so travelers going in either direction could access it. Brilliant!

I can’t believe how clever this!

And the food was wonderful also. This was not your typical cafeteria food, but delicious, hot and fabulous. They were carving a huge ham behind the counter! We had fresh ham and hot french fries and it was wonderful!

And then.

Then we arrived in Paris. But that’s a couple of posts all by itself. Soon, I promise.

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Safe travel!