Foreign Currency Exchange


Our Financial Services department can provide foreign currency exchange services you for Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars and over 75 other currencies to meet your travel needs. It is always best to have local currency upon arrival in your destination for tips, taxis, and other miscellaneous expenditures.

Why wait in long lines at the airport and pay higher rates for foreign currency exchanges when you can purchase your foreign currency stress-free prior to your departure date.

Looking for the perfect gift? We also offer American Express Gift Cards.

Please contact your Travel Consultant or call 1-800-291-3445 for more information.

*Payments are accepted in cash and personal checks only

Identity Theft Program

There is a new identity theft victim every 2 seconds.

When traveling, you are up to 4 times as likely to be a victim of identity theft. Understand why.

Maintain peace of mind on your vacation with identity protection for you and your family.

Our identity protection program for travelers reduces the risk of identity theft by:

  • Monitoring millions of data points for suspicious use of your sensitive
    personal information
  • Alerting you at the earliest sign of fraud
  • Quickly helping to resolve any incidents that occur

If your wallet, passport, credit card, or other important document is lost or stolen, we’ll have them canceled and help get a replacement – no matter where you are in the world.

After Hours

Around the clock and around the world. 24/7 access to a Travel Authority/ALTOUR professional to help when life’s emergencies arise.

The Travel Authority Travel Support Center. When Voice Mail is Not An Option.
Last minute changes don’t always correspond to standard office hours. When you need an answer immediately, our Travel Support Center is there for you.

One Number. Toll Free or Collect.
Use the same number, anywhere in the world. Your call will be routed to a Travel Authority/ALTOUR agent, not a secondary service. In times of crisis, we add agents to ensure that your call gets answered.

Contact your agent for your specific after-hours number.

How to Pack

Visa & Passport Information

For current information on Passport and Visa requirements, please go to or contact one of our Travel Advisors.