by, Jan Ross

One of the absolute coolest things we have experienced on this fabulous wine tasting river cruise with AmaWaterways on the MS AmaLegro is the locks. When you navigate the Rhine and the Mosel Rivers, you have to go through several locks because they must regulate the depth of the river. This was THE most fascinating thing we have ever experienced and, of course, I have documented it all for you, with the help of my trusty photographer/husband.

First, I have to share with you how amazed we were at the vineyards along the Mosel which were almost completely vertical at some points. Apparently, they pick the grapes and drop them into some sort of little conveyor that transports them up to the top of the mountain where the wine making process can begin. Seriously. It looks like they must have to rappel to get those grapes!

OK, back to the locks. First, you approach the lock and see the dam which regulates the lake water.

Then the captain or second captain maneuvers the boat into just the right position to enter the lock.

He does this with special controls that they only use to navigate the locks.

Entering the lock.

REALLY close to the sides!

No, seriously. REALLY CLOSE.

Water rushing over the dam.

One of the sailors puts on a life vest, jumps up on the side of the lock and ties up the boat so it won’t bang on the side of the lock.

We were literally just inches from the side of the lock on both sides of the boat.

The lock fills up with water.

The water fills the lock, covers the gate and we can cruise forward into the river. (that’s just a little debris from the river)

You must experience this for yourself!

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Safe travel!